Governor Janklow: Friend of SD Ethanol


My Regular Meetings With Governor Janklow 

Early 1984 as a complete political novice I began to write my first three or four letters to the editor ever and they challenged Janklow’s press statements discrediting ethanol as fuel. Then just out of the blue the Governor personally called to invite me to the Governor's office for a discussion. Completely surprised I accepted what turned out to be the first of more than several invitations usually before every summer study committee meeting on ethanol incentives. Basically started a two year working relationship. 

. The first meeting was very cordial and my take away from the meeting was his comment: " You and your crowd make your case to me and I am with you". He kept his word 

As the summer study on SD ethanol incentive committee meetings began I would usually ride along (four hour trip) with my neighbor and key leader,Representative Kent Frerichs. Kent had invited my friend Dave Hallberg ,founding president of the Renewable Fuels Association, to Pierre previously. I was heavily involved in writing the purposed legislation so was usually invited to the Governor's office before each committee meeting with Jim Myers, transportation department head, always present. 

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