Dan's Shockingly Honest Report On SD Ethanol

Dan Iseminger

Dan Iseminger

When a well packaged set of lies has been sold to the masses over time the truth will seem utterly preposterous and the speaker a raving lunatic. 

All Americans have a self-evident unalienable right to fuel with high blends of ethanol to protect themselves and family members from gasoline octane's benzene and associated polycyclic aromatic PAH emissions identical to those found in cigarette smoke. There is no recommended safe level of exposure benzene or cigarette smoke and ethanol's two carbon molecule simply does not contain or produce them plus its added oxygen assures more complete combustion of all carbon based molecules. 

Pictured is Dan Isemenger the first CEO of the SD Corn Growers assn and utilization council. As the first vice and second president of the SD Corn Growers assn my best call was to my friend and co-conspirator Dan asking him to write a historical overview of his remarkable experiences as the first CEO of both the SD Corn Growers Assn and corn check off. I knew Dan's informal very credible responses would be the best inside baseball look at ethanol history in both SD and nationally: We cannot thank Dan enough for his turns out humorous very straight forward report: As you will see clicking on the read more his huge impact on the Ethanol industry to get us where we are today: Thanks Dan

Dan also played the major role getting the nation's first E85 flex fuel vehicle on the road. (a 1988 Chevy Corsica with E85 painted on the doors). Miraculously Dan and Mike O'Connor maneuvered an invite to the White House. They met with President Bush's chief legal council C Boyden Grey about a very controversial project or SD corn growers assn creating the nation's first on the road E85 flex fuel vehicle. Grey responded: " Tell the corn board they have an indirect order from the president to put that car on the road". Remarkably several years later auto makers began to produce flex fuel vehicles. 

The beginning of the SD corn growers assn.: 

While writing this short history for us Dan asked: "how did SD corn growers get started": Basically Roland Pestor told Orrie Swayze to call the National Corn Growers Assn because we wanted our own ethanol lobbying group called the SD Corn Growers Assn; We,including Roland Schnable & Jim Pufhal, were Governor Janklow described ethanol missionaries who lobbied for SD's unique pipeline tax on imported oil to subsidize building SD ethanol plants; Broins then bought the Scotland plant or birth place of poet and the SD billion gallon industry. We felt an obligation to lobby keeping the subsidy in place when Scotland started producing. 

I asked Dan to finish his the early history of SD corn growers.....especially his visit at the white house. Click 'read more for his very entertaining response including a picture of the legendary nation's first e85 flex fuel vehicle or the SD corn car at work on the DC capitol grounds. And for Dan's humorous account of his white house visit. Importantly Dan's writing will help you to better understand the paranoia (still around today) about using higher midlevel ethanol's premium 94 octane blends in standard autos...E30 and above

Article: "High Blend Ethanol Burns Cleaner, Reduces Engine Wear & Increases Vehicle Lifespan"


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