EPA Agents Raid Watertown Blender Pumps

In 2007 Epa proved memorandum 1a made it legal for standard auto owners to fuel with E30.


Epa has never fined anyone for using or selling E30

Early after blenders were installed, an Epa government agent enforcement crew announced in an almost threatening manner they were going to Watertown's Cenex location adjacent to the interstate. This station is the symbolic nation's first, longest operating, always busy, multiple blender pump location. 

These government agents wore boldly visible IRS or Epa badges as they strode out to tell non-flex auto owners they were illegally saving $2-4/tank fueling their auto with 94 octane premium E30. 

Their bullying tactics did not work. No woman or man was intimidated, kept on fueling and some very aggressively intimidated the government agents. This cross section of Americans were definitely made of the 'right stuff'. 

The manager's(Gary French) description of this 2007 bizarre day to me(Orrie Swayze) was spoken in his usual unshaken manner and always with a slight grin: "First they were very indignant with a threatening: -We will be back next week-, by noon it was -in two weeks-and by evening it was -maybe we will not come back-". They never came back because they knew it is not illegal to fuel a non-flex auto with E30. 

Epa's enforcement team did not take action against anyone as a result of that trip to Watertown. In fact they have never fined anyone for selling E30 to a non-flex auto owner or a standard auto owner for fueling with E30. Epa knows such fines would definitely be a violation of standard auto owners constitutional right to choose e30/half E85 to protect their children from gasoline's toxic emissions

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Kiel Zinter