Gov Rounds Illegal Double Tax on E30

Rounds has a history of supporting oil interests and their money supported efforts to team with all levels of government to crush free and open markets for auto fuels particularly E30: South Dakota's precedent setting installation of the nation's first blender pumps along with Epa and local governments exposing big oils myths about E30 will open auto fuels markets to standard auto owners. Free enterprise could then go to work to transition our entire gasoline pool to auto makers defined and requested high octane premium E30. 

Governor Rounds had the opportunity to support auto makers, the SD economy, good business, our children's health and this big ethanol marketing vision in its infancy when SD first introduced blender pumps to the nation. He instead chose to illegally tax them to death through an executive memo doubling the tax on E30 sold through blender pumps. He essentially by passed the legislature to authorize himself to pick oil interests as winners and SD business interests as losers in auto fuel markets. Most importantly his illegal tax was a very poor business decision for the SD economy and it countered the principles of free enterprise. Towards the end of his term as governor he had completely reversed his term and today as US Senator Rounds is an active supporter of midlevel half E85 ethanol blends. 

Who in the oil industry would want to see American consumers have meaningful alternative fuel choices afforded by blender pumps or a free enterprise opportunity to break petroleum's 90% gasoline monopoly? 

In the past several years E10 has typically been priced ten cents per gallon less to fifty cents/gallon less than unleaded. Blender pumps E30 up to seventy cents less. At today's prices SD gasoline consumers likely will save up to $200 million annually. And SD standard auto owners taking advantage of auto industry described high octane premium E30's lower volatility, higher octane, and more power could save up to $280 million annually plus enjoy better fuel efficiency and better drivability. Good business for our SD economy. 


Kiel Zinter