Max Shauck and Grazia Zanin Pioneering 1990 Flight Across Across Atlantic on 100% Ethanol

When I first met Max I was impressed even though he was a navy pilot. When the no alcohol in our gas signs were in their glory, every auto mechanic alive was professing that ethanol will cause your engine to blow up etc Max filled his airplane up with 100% ethanol and flew aerobatic shows across the nation. Then he and Grazia fulfilled their challenging dream: Fly the Charles Lindbergh route across the Atlantic on 100% ethanol. I mentioned challenging because as final preparations were being made Max and Grazia were abandoned by then fearful promised financial support: "What if they do not make it?"All the logistics became more of a burden and more of a financial stress for them personally. In spite of all, like true pioneers, they did not abandon their mission. History affirms truly a "mission accomplished". 

Little wonder Dan tagged him with the title -Mad Max-. Max had worked very hard to build his reputation from "navy fighter jock" to a mathematics professor and head of aviation sciences at Baylor. Max earned and needed that persona as he was constantly trying to gain financial support for his visionary pioneering projects. Little wonder Max growled every time he heard Dan and others around SD corn growers also referring to him as -Mad Max-. We had adopted Max and supported using our funds and tried raising outside funds. His support from SD Corn Growers phased out along with the old board. Gone with the wind so to speak. 

I know the story following implies Max modified the engine but he did not. Most general aircraft engines used especially at that time and are widely used today were old technology but the basics work as he modified newer fuel system components also. Ethanol does corrode pure aluminum now replaced by aluminum alloys. His modifications were largely around neutralizing any fuel contact with pure Aluminum components ie replace pure aluminum based fuel lines, chemically treat pure aluminum fuel tanks, and other pure aluminum components. Ethanol is not corrosive on aluminum alloys. Max made a rather big bet he knew what he was doing as he flew aerobatic airshows and across the Atlantic. 

I could go on and did not dare call Dan for more input because this site is not big enough to handle the Input he would have to this summary: Max and Grazia are truly pioneering American Heroes. 

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Kiel Zinter