SD Adopts Hallberg's Big Ethanol Vision

Even then Dave warned that without ethanol lead emissions would be replaced by even more poisonous benzene and related aromatic emissions: 

March 2014 headline: ''Agribusiness Study Ranks SD No 1". Our creative business policies began in 1984 when Dave Hallberg(pictured) , the founding president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Assn, brought his big vision of a massive expanding ethanol industry back to his home state South Dakota. Dave's big vision was that even small rural states could be big players in the ethanol industry if they restricted their current ethanol tax incentives to instate producers: 

For the status quo members of his RFA along with the National Corn Growers Association that was heresy and prompted Dave to leave the organization he founded on his terms: That is still the case with today's status quo corn and ethanol organizations plus government policies naively siding with oil: Dave at times is viewed as a radical nuisance and most ironic even here in SD

Dave consented to testify before a transportation committee hearing to kill all SD gas tax incentives for ethanol use. The committee unanimously defeated the bill to follow Dave's recommendations that began a process to restrict SD ethanol incentives to instate produced gallons only. A process that made small state SD a formidable billion gallon ethanol producer within 25 years. 

Most importantly SD citizens and legislators bought into Dave's big winning vision that state incentives restricted to instate ethanol production would act as a catalyst to build a big economic impact ethanol industry in SD: Dave and Nebraska's Todd Sneller than often provided expert testimony on the ethanol industry for the summer study committee on the issue: Even then Dave warned that ethanol lead emissions would be replaced buy more poisonous benzene and related aromatic emissions preying especially on children: Recently he authored ( killing them softly) 

That study resulted in different proposals that lead to a unique first and only law that taxed SD imported petroleum products at the pipeline (no other state dared follow) to create cash incentive to build SD ethanol plants. Over the next several years over $100 million was made available at $1million annually per new ethanol plant built in SD plant: Small state SD then built a billion gallon ethanol industry. 

A September,1985 AP news story described a "Sharp Turn" in rural policy: The SD Agriculture summer study committee called for legislation to tax or the preferred language at first by legislators 'tank inspection fee' on imported petroleum to build a SD ethanol industry. SD Farmers Union was the lead organization lobbying for the bill: a SD Corn Growers did not exist at the time. 

The AP news story related Rep Scott Heidepriem chaired the committee and Governor Bill Janklow and staff helped fine tune the legislative proposal. Farmers Union members Rep (R) Bob Weber and (D) Doris Minor and also rural democrats were described as 'pushing hardest' for the legislation. Orrie Swayze was described as the plan's main author. Click on read more for 1985 AP news story


Kiel Zinter