SD Senator DasChle Still Leads

SD senator Daschle led efforts to create the oxygen requirement followed by the Renewable Fuels Standard largely authored by his friend and ethanol consultant Dave Hallberg. They moved the ethanol industry to where it is today. 

His high octane low carbon fuels HOLC initiatives promise take our ethanol industry far beyond RFS goals by assuring ethanol is priced for its unique safe, very valuable octane value

HOLC 94 octane premium E30 is all auto owners best fuel choice because: 

1. All auto engines are better optimized for premium E30 than unleaded/E10. 

2. Premium E30 high oxygen content's more complete combustion prevents costly engine intake valve carbon deposits plaguing today's modern gas direct injection (GDI) turbo charged engines. 

3. For over ten years non flex auto owners traveled tens of millions miles annually utilizing premium E30 typically reporting "more power, can't tell mpg difference

4. Most importantly, HOLC premium E30 slashes black carbon's carbon based benzene and related PAH emissions or today's neurotoxic equivalent to lead

The Daschle HOLC fuel alliance demonstrates that finally autos, government, National Corn Growers Assn, Renewable Fuels Assn, natural gas, biomass, public opinion, agribusinesses, and farmers can agree on one thing: High octane low carbon fuels like ethanol's 94 octane premium E30 are the future: 

Consensus has it that high octane low carbon fuels or higher midlevel blends are the ideal also dramatically slashing gasoline's most toxic emissions and engine carbon deposits. Evidenced by The Daschle HOLC alliance announced recently. This alliance includes Clean Fuels Development Coalition, RFA and the National Corn Growers Assn including their wide array of sponsors like John Deere etc. 

Most importantly environmental groups are joining the alliance: HOlC fuels wide support is beginning to better recognize that premium 94 octane E30 is the most cost effective, best performing HOLC octane enhancer for all autos are better designed for compared to unleaded.. 

E30's Octane's higher oxygen content assures more complete combustion that slash engine damaging intake valve carbon deposits plaguing modern, turbocharged, gas direct injection engines! Most importantly slashing gasoline's benzene and related emissions that are gasoline's new lead equivalent preying especially on our smallest children. 

Article: "High Blend Ethanol Burns Cleaner, Reduces Engine Wear & Increases Vehicle Lifespan"

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Kiel Zinter