South Dakota Ethanol Policy Genius

Senator Jason Frerichs defeated SB 210 was going to use remaining funds of our remarkably successful one cent/gallon pipeline tax on SD imported petroleum to build a SD blender pump infrastructure. Apparently a weak compromise was worked out later in the session: 

That said I urge SD citizens/legislature to further take advantage of the bipartisan remarkably successful, on going, one cent/gallon pipeline tax legislated 32 years ago. Its job was simply to build a strong SD ethanol industry. Far from often stated perceptions SD state government did not fund the incentives and those paying the tax were among the biggest winners saving annually many times over the one pipeline tax they are paying through lower gasoline and diesel prices. Especially gasoline consumers save up to fifty cents/gallon using today's June 2018 94 octane premium E30 pricing vs ethanol free regular unleaded. 

South Dakota's legislature's leadership and Governor Janklow's strong,capeable support passed that big vision one cent at the pipeline tax on SD imported oil to support incentives that did build our billion gallon SD ethanol industry: These SD incentives caused young Jeff Broin to purchase the bankrupt Scotland plant to famously move on leading the nation to build a 15 billion gallon industry or ten-fifteen percent of total gasoline use. Ethanol production and potential production has lowered both diesel and gasoline prices. 

The SD governor and legislature can continue to lower both gasoline and diesel prices while gaining billions more of collateral benefits for the SD economy further exploiting the one cent pipeline tax, Those funds would help assure the success of the "Ring Neck" Pierre area ethanol plant at Onida: And made available for SD blender pump infrastructure, current ethanol plant expansions and informative standard auto owner educational advertising would continue to lower gasoline/diesel prices vs ethanol midlevel blends and do the SD miracle all over again. 

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Ace founder Merle Anderson says E30/half E85 is legal for all autos:


Kiel Zinter