Corn Ethanol produces more protein/acre vs sb

Corn's Highest and best use is Protein Production while Sequestering Carbon: 
google -Lester Brown Chinese skyrocketing protein demand reshaping agriculture- 

Sky rocketing protein demand drives land use changes, higher grain and land prices. Corn distillers are the number one protein source for our nations livestock industries and keeps protein prices from spiraling out of control thus driving ration costs higher. Corn distillers proteins are equivalent to protein produced by half of our soybean crop thus freeing half our soybean crop for export. Soy proteins and be used to produce foods for direct human consumption or the most efficient way to deliver protein to poorer populations. Protein deficiency malnutrition is the primary cause of what is often mistakenly called 'starvation'. 

Also Department of energy research shows corn ethanol produces 34% fewer carbon emissions than gasoline. New Department of Energy research now shows it has been underestimating corn's ability to sequester carbon by as much as 50%: Google: Satellites show high productivity of US corn belt Busting food for fuel and corn's carbon sequestration myths that mislead: Miraculous corn's yield is four times that of soybeans meaning that corn produces 3000 pounds of high protein meal and oil per acre when processed through an ethanol plant plus 500 gallons of ethanol. It also produces as much biomass below the ground as it does above the ground enabling increased carbon sequestration in the form of increasing organic matter. Thus reversing a long history of mining soil carbon. 

An acre of soybeans produces 2700 pounds of high protein meal and oil. (Using 2014 projected yields) Soybeans alone cannot supply the market as dietary protein shortages worsen especially in third world nations. Extracting corn's proteins provides a huge new source for supplemental protein to use in solving protein deficiency malnutrition or the primary cause of what is often mistakenly called starvation. 

Easily transportable, cost effective distillers proteins like soy proteins can be used for direct human consumption and are the most effective means to bring relief to malnourished, protein deficient populations suffering 'starvation'. Direct consumption distillers protein products are in the infant stage of development but distillers proteins also free more soy proteins for direct human consumption. 

Corn's best use is distiller's protein production: Protein deficiency is the primary cause of what is often mistakenly called 'starvation'

Kiel Zinter