E30 Prevents costly carbon build up plaguing Ecoboost/Ecotech engine intake valves

Unburned carbon deposits have been damaging auto engines since gasoline replaced Henry Ford's E30 as the primary auto fuel. Do you know?.......... Since introduction of more efficient gas direct injection engines(Eco boost etc) a new very expensive problem for intake valves has surfaced. 

Typically fuel is injected into intake manifold ports to move past intake valves cleaning them. With today's new direct cylinder injection engines, the detergents found in gasoline are never in contact with intake valves to clean them: This sets the stage for ever increasing volumes of black carbon to bake onto intake valve surfaces. Drivability problems are a first indication of this carbon build up and a very expensive repair bill coming due. The auto manufactures' recommended fix is to replace the head or heads costing 5 to 10 thousand minimum

What all direct injection engine owners can do! 

First we all must recognize that E30's higher oxygen content assures more complete combustion significantly strangling harmful engine black carbon deposits that cause dirty oil and all manner of inefficiencies and engine damage /xcessive intake valve carbon build up, dirtier oil and resulting engine damage.auto manufacturers recommend the best protection from these carbon deposits is a well tuned engine and frequent oil changes maintaining clean oil. Plus auto makers are moving to employ dual port and direct indirection systems with Eco boost type engines eliminating intake valve carbon build up

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Kiel Zinter