Ethanol Leaders Hoodwinked-Children Lose

Petroleum/EPA hoodwinked nearly all politicians and ethanol leaders into naively spreading their propaganda saying E30 is illegal for non-flex fuel autos. 

Ironically, in these past ten years millions of pioneering non-flex auto owners have repeatedly fueled with blender pumps' 94 octane premium blend E30. They typically report and research confirms more power, same mileage and saving $2-4/tank fill: No one has been fined for doing so. 

Those realities confirm the 1974 Clean Air Act Memorandum 1a's "reasonable basis for knowing" language makes fueling non-flex autos with E30 legal tampering: 1a reversed then current EPA tampering provisions saying citizens need EPA's preapproval before tampering: 

1a defines tampering as installing aftermarket non-OEM parts, add on systems or making any adjustments or alterations (like increasing fuel ethanol content) that change system parameters. This exhausting, nearly impossible preapproval process before tampering created uncertainty, chaos and unnecessary restraints on commerce. 

Stunningly! EPA's fix was enacting Memorandum 1a making all tampering acts legal!! ( like fueling higher blends in non-flex autos)..... If the citizen has "reasonable basis for knowing" emissions, emissions equipment/engines are not degraded: Then Its EPA's burden proving to the individual citizen he/she does not have reasonable basis for knowing, Skeptical? Google 1974 memorandum 1a pgs 2,3: 1977 addendum assures 1a language includes persons

" Reasonable basis for knowing": Citizens are aware that for years pioneering non-flex auto owners have been fueling with blender pumps premium E30. They also are aware that replacing gasoline with ethanol is beneficial because gasoline is the source of toxic exhaust (benzene & related)emissions preying especially on their smallest children

Joint active, major repudiation of petroleum/EPA's fraudulent claim that fueling non-flex autos with E30 is illegal will dramatically increase availability of blender pumps E30. Then nearly all auto owners can typically save $2-4/tank fill, increase power, and slash toxic benzene & related emissions while creating more local jobs. 

reference: Google- Gasoline killing them softly

Click read more for AMA research exposing gasoline emissions double toll on babies brains


Kiel Zinter