Gasoline Benzene Tailpipe Emissions Double Toll on Babies Brains: American Medical Assn report

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Medical doctors do not hesitate to talk about pollution's benzene and related emissions destruction of babies brain matter(click read more) Ah!.... but like oil interests ethanol proponents and enviros do not even want to bring the subject up. Too shocking? -Ethanol does not contain or produce plus slashes benzene emissions.- This AMA shocking research measured babies' brain matter destruction caused by 'PAH' or simply put benzene and benzene associated gasoline emissions: Brain matter destruction most significant before and the first five years after birth causing learning disabilities, attention deficit, lower IQ, autism,behavioral issues etc..... Ethanol and environmental leader do not seem to care. 

According to ethanol industry and EPA policies gasoline octane's benzene/pah emissions do not matter. The primary source of benzene our children must endure is gasoline octane's benzene tailpipe emissions. Benzene is the primary building block for 'PAH' or aromatic octane, is a known human carcinogen, neurotoxin, mutagen making it the world's consensus most wide spread, toxic air pollutant. Benzene is the primary toxic combustion product, along with the particulates that deliver them to the blood stream, of gasoline's benzene related aromatic octane that 30% ethanol can replace. 

EPA and the World Health Organization agree: "there is no safe level of exposure to airborne benzene". Ethanol does not contain or produce benzene and related emissions: E30 can replace benzene producing octane called aromatics (toluene and xylene) that do. 

Historically, It is obvious government's regulators teamed with petroleum's propaganda "E30 is illegal and ruins standard auto engines" to lock ethanol out of meaningful octane market participation. This team has maliciously poisoned our children first with lead and today's comparably toxic,carcinogenic, neurotoxic benzene emissions. They also successfully strangled free enterprise's role in gasoline markets since lead was introduced. 

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Kiel Zinter