kick better than kiss


Next week's SD concurrent legislative resolution will declare all auto owners have a self-evident constitutional right to choose E30//half E85. Thus protecting their children from petroleum octanes' benzene and related known human carcinogenic/ mutagenic emissions identical to those found in cigarette smoke. The two carbon ethanol molecule does not contain or produce them and added oxygen assures more complete combustion of them. 

The majority of SD corn grower members present at the recent annual resolutions meeting naively voted to say it is illegal to fuel standard autos with E30.. Both corn grower and utilization council board members have the same CEO and voted as a thirty member block to support national corn growers' naively malicious position. "E30 is illegal" for standard autos. 

Their naive reasoning is they are about to strike a super deal with autos and do not want to make autos mad at this point. That auto ploy is older than time and here we are today with our autos running around unnecessarily poisoning our children with petroleum octanes' benzene and related known human carcinogenic/mutagenic emissions identical to those found in cigarette smoke. 

Government regulators then find cause creating fraudulent barriers to lock the two carbon ethanol molecule, that does not contain or produce petroleum octanes' poisons, out of free enterprise octane markets thus plundering rural economies transferring our wealth to foreign oil interests etc, etc.etc

The loyal minority of corn grower members at the meeting argued that a kick at the rear cheek of auto makers would do more to bring auto makers to support E30 use in standard autos than a kiss same place agreeing with them it is illegal to use E30 in standard autos.


Kiel Zinter