Open letter to SD VVA Chapter 1054, All Veteran Organizations and Americans

"When a well packaged set of lies have been sold to the masses over time the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic" author Dresden James.

Shamefully, we are throwing our active duty troops and national security under the bus: We have a duty to go beyond lip service and memorial day speeches to support our active duty troops giving meaning to "never again will one generation of veterans abandon another" 

We can sanely acknowledge oil still is a strategic commodity with the US as a net oil exporter and the struggle to gain control of oil supplies plays the major role causing recent ongoing wars: Tragically oil dollars have been able to successfully brain wash our entire culture to perceive ethanol fuels as evil and ethanol's "sweet spot" or gasoline's competitors 94 octane blends E30-E50 are illegal for and damage standard auto engines. google: corn ethanol infused gasoline supports our troops

Yet when E85 pumps were first introduced 20 years ago, thousands of wise, unbrainwashable, intellectually curious, pioneering, patriotic, standard auto owner heroes began legally blending cheaper up to half E85 or typically the now recognized "sweet spot" E30-50. Since, they have driven new and old cars many, many millions of trouble free miles: Glacial Lakes Energy's research has proved they had it exactly right with consensus reporting: "I think it is the right thing to do, save money, get more power and can't tell any mileage difference." google: ethanol's E30 passing-the-test-with-flying-colors

CORN ETHANOL IS THE SAFE, VERY LOW CARBON NEARLY PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO OIL THAT CAN TAKE OIL OFF THE TABLE AS A STRATEGIC COMMODITY THAT OFTEN CAUSES WARS TO DECIDE WHO GETS IT Especially considering agriculture production worldwide is at 'menacing' surplus levels and distillers grains proteins play the key role to end protein energy malnutrition (PEM) mistakenly better known as starvation. 

Again, oil dollars have easily brain washed our entire culture to perceive ethanol fuels as evil, illegal and damaging to engines. These perceptions brain wash us too: Why else would veteran organizations use this extremely lame excuse for doing nothing to support ethanol as a viable alternative to oil: "Ethanol is too political"? We have been shamefully MIA while other pioneering, patriotic citizens have supported our troops and national security by making ethanol a potential major alternative to oil. Especially veterans' duty today is to start saving 4-15 dollars/tankful by using blends E30-50 in our standard autos, demand availability, and encourage all auto owners to join us. 

Today all Americans must answer a call to arms because Epa's new TREASONOUS REGS RULE, WHEN FINALIZED AFTER THIS NOVEMBER, WILL MAKE ALL ETHANOL BLENDS OVER E15 ILLEGAL FOR USE IN STANDARD NON FLEX FUEL VEHICLES!! THUS HANDING a big victory to OIL DOLLARS or A 90% GASOLINE MANDATE that assures ethanol will not become a major alternative to oil: Then our troops and national security will be at unnecessary risk forever protecting the free flow of oil. 

Remarkably, US ethanol production is already 10% of US gasoline market at 1mb/day: OUR crushing Epa's, SD Corn Grower"s, Poet's and Ace's ILLEGAL UNAMERICAN "ethanol blends E30-50 are illegal for standard autos campaign": ----Then US growing ethanol production can also easily add billions to rural economies by tripling to 3 mb+/day: ND Bakken is 1.2mb/day, Texas 3.5mb/day--see for compelling references: paid for by Orrie 'raving lunatic' Swayze Wilmot,SD- VFW,VVA ,Legion,DAV member- 

compelling references

Ace founder 97 year old Merle Anderson clearly recounts ace history:google utube merle Anderson half e85

: SDVFW then challenged all Americans "only sissies fear blending half E85" 

glacial lakes energy news letter 

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Kiel Zinter