unalienable constitutonal right use e30

This is America. All American auto owners have a self-evident unalienable constitutional right to save typically several dollars/tank fill by fueling with lower cost, more power, same mileage splash blended high 94 octane thus premium E30/half ethanol blends to protect themselves and family members from gasoline octane�s poisonous benzene and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) emissions identical to those found in cigarette smoke. 

There is no recommended safe level of exposure to benzene or cigarette smoke and ethanol's two carbon molecule simply does not contain or produce them plus its added oxygen assures more complete combustion of all poisonous carbon based molecules. 

SDethanolhistory.com invites all American auto owners to take the E30 challenge to typically save several dollars/tank fill by fueling with better performance, splash blended high 94 octane thus "premium" E30 when available and practical: And we invite EPA regulators to make sdethanol history.com's day by suing us for significantly stimulating US rural economies and significantly curbing our children's exposure to known human carcinogens/mutagens benzene plus other associated similar PAH emissions identical to those found in cigarette smoke

As a participant, this is Orrie Swayze's autobiographical documentation of SD ethanol history as it happened . When scrolling these stories about the historical roots of how and why the SD ethanol industry was created plus it's national implications there are only two obvious conclusions: It was bizarre and truth surely is stranger than fiction. 

In the early eighties Roland Pester and myself called the National Corn Growers association for help to setup a SD Corn association to protect our just passed legislative incentives restricted for building SD ethanol plants only. I kept newspaper stories and notes like a pack rat would do with the intent to write a book or preferably help someone else write that book: 

This site sdethanolhistory.com edits and arranges those files/stories chronologically so that the reader learns the history as it happened: This introduction also over views why I wanted to see the massive development of the ethanol industry. As a F4C pilot flying missions out of Danang over both North and South Vietnam I quickly agreed with General Eisenhower: " As only a soldier can I learned to hate the futility, the brutality and the stupidity of war". Plus then concluded that without doubt the next stupid war would be caused by greed's desire to control oil supplies. 

After this introduction the following story overviews the complete effectiveness of oil sponsored efforts to demonize ethanol as fuel. And following stories include SD VFW 2005 drive for energy independence on half E85: Along with the last story my close to home validation of combat trigger pullers children's prohibitively high rate of suicide and other combat ptsd symptoms: From there the stories are reported basically in chronological order. 

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Kiel Zinter