Veterans Duty to Warn

Continuing oil wars are waged because the US is inexcusably too dependent on imported oil and must have access to competitively priced oil exports. Like with Vietnam our Iraq wars' hidden cost is combat veterans' children have a dramatically understated very, very high rate for suicide. Negligently, the US does not statistically report them to create a fatal unawareness that is the major unwarranted contributing factor to these suicides and other tragic life outcomes for the entire family. For a heart wrenching validation from a child's perspective google 'children collateral damage cbs'). 

The Australians statistically report and try to prevent combat veterans' children suicides and other very high rate tragic life outcomes for all of their Vietnam veterans' spouses and siblings offering them free counseling to age 36. The US will not even report the Australian Vietnam veterans' devastating children suicide findings to our Iraq veterans though they are also applicable to the Iraq War. 

Pictured is Jack Jr my close friend Jack's son who committed suicide ten or so years ago. Jack is a Vietnam combat veteran that still shows evidence of the thousand yard stare common place for those who survived in remote area active kill or be killed realities. A historically recognized thousand yard stare I became very familiar with at Danang or a hub for air -including very low level napalm,etc deliveries- and ground killing operations. 

Dr Rachel McNair's congressionally funded research of those Vietnam veterans diagnosed to have PTSD -a debilitating anxiety disorder- found that being shot at, wounded, or watching a friend die etc are secondary trauma compared to killing or thought to have killed a human being: Killing is the primary trauma also causing today's defined "moral injury": Yes, even though made theoretically easier by calling them gooks. VA psychiatrist Dr Andrew Pomerentz finds "Only the already insane are not mentally challenged by killing another human being". Complicating all this is conversations about our children's suicides and soldiers' killing are culturally taboo. 

My then 17 year old son and J J were friends and companions. Several hours after J J had passed I talked to Jack at the hospital: Though obviously shaken he immediately asked "How is Pat?" also code for asking "is it us?" My very first Google search I was shocked to find that an exhaustive Australian Vietnam veteran morbidity study shockingly also found overall their predominantly male children were three times more likely to commit suicide and twice as likely die in an accident: Remarkably understated !! 

Those numbers are far too conservative for trigger pullers like Jack surviving in remote area kill or be killed realities: The overall suicide rate does not consider up to 80% of Vietnam veterans were not trigger pullers doing especially the close up killing: Thus their behaviors would not affect their children's suicide rate any more than a typical Walmart employee would affect his children's suicide rate. Jack's humble response to all of this: "I wish somebody had told me". (Google:the price of valor dan baum for compelling validation of all this) 

Our combat veterans' children will continue to be collateral damage as long as war is deemed necessary to assure US access to imported oil. Our SD VFW recognized this reality and soon after 911 sponsored a major billboard campaign in SD reminding all Americans "Foreign Oil Funds Terrorism". We followed with our SD VFW 4th of July drive for energy independence. 

We were joined by SD Farmers Union members who also strongly believe our potential ethanol production free from fake, stupid barriers can end our cycle of oil wars like Iraq: To demonstrate feasibility we created a well-publicized and reported on SD VFW sponsored convoy of 1988 to new 2005 standard autos fueling half E85 -E40- for a successful 100 mile trip. 

We also wanted to put the first stick in the eye of fake, stupid barriers government, political, EPA, oil and shamefully ethanol plus corn leaders created. They claimed we along with others were rogue bandits illegally fueling with cheaper half E85 and would damage standard auto engines. 

Remarkably these past ten plus years since many, many thousands of so-called rogue bandits have freely driven many, many millions of miles on cheaper E30/half E85 proving there is no codified law against it: Plus they consistently report more power, cleaner engines and the same mileage: Yet even corn and ethanol organizations today have the same hair on fire thoughtless policy: "But its illegal". Tragically, policy that assures oil wars will continue. 

Several spontaneous comments as VFW members formally discussed the mission provided an adult response to auto owners perceived risks: "most Americans automatically think fueling with half E85 is too risky." A voice then cynically noted "compared to what?" followed by a quiet cynical chorus of chuckles muttering "ya, compared to what?" 

July 4, 2005 Related Story VFW drive for energy independence "State VFW Proves Half E85 is Practical Alternative to Oil"


Kiel Zinter