Our Dangerous Worldwide Oil Mandate

“E30 For All Autos Supports Our Troops and Grows Our Economy!!” Says Billie Sutton

Our gasoline market today is 90% gasoline and Brazil’s 75% gasoline but oil still supplies 99+% of transportation fuels worldwide. As we begin to net export oil, oil remains a mandated commodity nations will go to war to gain control of supplies. Evidence two Iraq wars including Afghanistan’s war continuing to kill and maim our soldiers while together plundering billions and billions of citizen’s tax dollars.

Cynics argue: There’s nothing citizens can do.

A reality check argues: Today many, many, thousands of wise, unbrainwashable, intellectually curious standard auto owners are obviously legally using lower cost, more power, dramatically fewer poisonous emissions identical to those found in cigarette smoke, half E85 or premium 94 octane blends E30-50. They have for 20 years consistently reported now proven observations“I save money, have more power and can’t tell a mileage difference.” This reality check tells us standard auto owners aggressively supporting our troops and saving 4-15 dollars/tank fill can demonstrate to the world that: Ethanol’s ‘sweet spot’ 94 octane premium blends E30-50 can grow rural economies while profitably replacing up to half of worldwide gasoline use with agriculture’s ethanol or distillers protein production’s by-product.

Today Epa only verbally claims blends E30-50 are illegal for standard autos. Epa’s new treasonous Regs Rule naively supported by SD/National Corn Growers Assn, Ace, RFA and Poet will be finalized immediately after November. It will devastatingly codify into law ethanol blends over E15 will be illegal to use in standard autos: Remarkably assuring a big victory for the long standing Epa/ oil conspiracy to create a then legal blend wall locking ethanol’s premium blends E30-50 out of octane markets. This condemns our troops to unnecessary risks associated with keeping oil flowing to satisfy unchecked, worldwide dangerous oil transportation fuel mandate electric vehicles alone can not cure. --references see sdethanolhistory.com.

Albert Einstein “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity–I am not so sure about the universe.”

“When a well packaged set of lies have been sold to the masses over time the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic” author Dresden James

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