DOJ Kills Corn’s E30 is Illegal Claim

Opinion: The SD corn grower and check off board members at corn’s  annual resolutions meeting voted to get it dead wrong again this year: Protecting self-interest they brazenly disregarded the Department of Justice recent directives down grading informal Epa guidance documents saying they cannot be used to determine E30 is illegal. The Margo Oge letter to SD petroleum marketers is such an example of how corn grower and check off leaders mistakenly reference Epa informal guidance documents to create fraudulent perceptions saying  E30 is illegal to use in standard autos.

Most recently the Department of Justice again reminded all prosecutors those saying E30 is illegal or especially proposing to take action against any citizen or organization based on such informal Epa guidance documents are illegally using using those documents: DOJ further clarifies that those documents have little if any standing in a court of law and only clean air act language or the law has standing in a court of law.

And the reality is codified law does not say anywhere that E30 plus blends are illegal for use in standard autos.  Just last year EPA failed to change the “regs” rule to include its proposed language saying E30 plus blends are illegal for standard auto use.  Corn and check off leaders must have agreed with such language and unlike the Farmers Union and the Urban Air Initiative did not submit comments that prevailed opposing this new EPA proposed “regs rule”language change.

Though we were hopeful, unsurprisingly our proposed resolutions at this years corn convention writing E30 plus blends are legal for standard autos into SD corn policy were soundly, defiantly, self righteously defeated. Go figure.  Also choosing to deceive those paying the check off dollars this, absolutely counter to SD historical precedent,  statement prevailed:   “ South Dakota corn has more to gain working with Epa  rather than being the point of the spear challenging Epa in this matter”  was the feed back as I understood it. Thus revealing how our brain washed culture saying “E30 is illegal” and “evil” prevails.

All this explains why zero check off dollars nationwide are invested informing all auto owners:  High 94 octane E30 plus blends legally and historically offer lower cost, proven more power, cleaner engines, same mileage savings up to twenty dollars per tank fill, slashed emissions identical to cigarette smoke causing like cigarette smoke preterm births, birth defects, cancers, brain damage etc .  And importantly explains how check off dollars indirectly have come to support EPA and big oil collusion to lock agriculture’s ethanol out of octane markets.

Obviously corn farmers paying check off dollars are damaged by their own check off dollars saying E30 is illegal.  The few options they have to assure their voices are heard include calling their check off dollars back unless check off dollars also support a lawsuit against EPA:  Because EPA colludes with big oil to unnecessarily and illegally poison our children plus fatally obstruct agriculture’s free enterprise marketing opportunities for 30 plus blends that can immediately begin to at least triple ethanol demand.  All by nefariously using check off dollars to collude with or finance  Epa and big oil collusion to create the expensive, fraudulent perception “E30 plus blends are evil and illegal to use in standard autos”    click on read more For DOJ kills corn’s E30 is illegal Policy

Kiel ZinterComment