Standard/Flex-Fuel Autos are Proven Identical Twins

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South Dakota big vision leaders led proving standard and flex-fuel autos operating on up to at least E40 are identical twins:

1. In 1987 SD Corn Utilization Council’s hired consultant, chemical engineer Fred Anklam proposed ethanol’s octane marketed as E85 would meet specifications to be an approved renewable alternative fuel or ethanol’s octane blending stock. SD corn’s very aggressive, capable CEO Dan Iseminger successfully led lobbying efforts and almost miraculously E85 pumps appeared across nation. But there were no factory designated flex-fuel autos available though all autos were flex-fuel autos enabling many thousands of pioneering South Dakota big vision leaders/others to take advantage of ethanol’s more power high octane by blending to at least 94 octane E40. Five years later factory designated flex-fuel autos became available to blend to at least 94 octane E40 and like standard auto owners flex-fuel auto owners too consistently reported and today logically report “I save money, have more power and can’t tell a mileage difference”.

2. South Dakota corn’s Dan Iseminger also wrangled an invite to the White House gaining President Bush’s permission to road test the nation’s first E85 car or a 1988 Corsica affectionately known as the SD corn car. At first Lake Area Tech’s auto technician instructor Al Kasperson had to manually blend the E85 and tuned it such ethanol’s more power high octane performance was demonstrated daily. Dan described “The corn car ran like a raped ape”. A 105+ mph speeding ticket was the only problem as all modifications were completely removed to run for 160,000 miles before the engine was disassembled showing far less than normal wear.

3. SD Cooperative’s placed the nation’s first E85 blender pumps.

4. SD’s Glacial Lakes Energy’s E30 challenge proved standard and flex-fuel autos are identical twins when comparing parts, mpg, power, etc, 5. SD’s ethanol market share will be 50% within ten years. See SD’s corn car at work in DC and read in Dan’s words South Dakota’s very humorous,enlightening forbidden history @ uploaded/dans%20picture.pdf Join other SD big vision leaders at the Farmers Union convention Dec 11@ Aberdeen Ramkota to learn about “gasolinegate” and write policy creating a new rapidly growing 10 billion bu corn grind and taking SD ethanol market share to fifty percent within ten years.

Orrie Swayze, Wilmot, SD

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