Orrie Swayze’s Ethanol Credentials


1967 flew F4C bombing missions over North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Laos(secret) learned bombing restrictions and capabilities had nearly 0 connection to reality: SD Corn Growers policy E30’s illegal for standard autos has nearly 0 connection to reality

1. 1970 after returning to base from bother's funeral kia resigned from dream job to take oil off the table as a cause of the next stupid war: Had chemistry quantitative analysis training at SDSU and in 1965 through own simple math calculations figured that ethanol production from agriculture was a viable oil alternative

2. 1983 saw Rep Daschle was going to be in Watertown to talk about ethanol. Dave Hallberg founder RFA was along and Tom sent us off to a separate room to talk about corn ethanol production and marketing

3. Talked to SDSU's Red Paul founder and CEO SD irrigators assn. He put Dave on agenda as speaker for 1983 irrigators' convention.

4. Neighbor Kent Frerichs and SD House member called and asked that I bring Hallberg to Pierre to avoid certain death for all SD ethanol incentives

5. Dave's message “Restrict SD ethanol incentives to SD ethanol production and the sky is the only limit for the SD economy.” carried the day and the following legislative summer study on advantages of building a SD Ethanol industry

6. By conference call Dave testified before nearly all of the summer study legislative committee hearings. And I also testified before every summer study meeting supporting Dave's talking points and to create a pipeline sales tax

7. Governor Janklow's invited me to his office before every summer study meeting because wanted to know what Dave was going to say...

8.Janklow and I had good working relationship as he became a strong, key ethanol supported that signed pipeline tax into law- even through Janklow's second term(16 years) : We even stood in line together to purchase plant shares at Mitchell.

9. AP story summarizing the summer study results referred to Orrie Swayze as the main author of one cent sales tax on all incoming oil arriving by pipeline ie pipeline Tax that raised well over 100 million dollars absolutely critical to attract capital to build a small state ethanol industry: Ask Jeff Broin......Those paying the tax have consistently saved two cents to today's nearly a dollar/gal with E30 94 octane premium vs ethanol free 91 octane premium

10. 1985 Along with Roland Pester organized SDCGA @ SD irrigators convention specifically to assure pipeline tax revenues were available for Jeff Broin's Scotland plant and others: I would not serve as president because wanted to assure broad participation. Agreed to and wanted to serve as founding vice then president to assure pipeline tax funds were available for Jeff Broin and Scotland plant first then others.

11. 1986 Served as president of SD corn growers assn when 1 cent corn check off was legislated to raise check off dollars for investing to educate including advertising to gain acceptance of E30 plus blends and to own shares in SD ethanol plants: We told national corn growers assn immediately after setting new precedent one cent/bu corn's check off: “As large state check offs range one quarter to half cent check offs we intended to keep half of SD corn check off dollars in SD to purchase millions in new start up ethanol plants and grow ethanol higher E30 blends markets---evidenced by Agricap financials corn boards mysteriously do not report. Today half be 3-4 Million/yr

12. I served as president of SDCGA when we created the “you can't do that” nations first on road E85 test auto, E85 as alternative renewable fuel, and blender pumps.

13.My wife Kathy and I invested $8500 2018 ads -wife Kathy's records- similar to attached and at a pace to do again in 2019 all to influence plus gain standing in the E30 is legal debate.

14. I just authored and will widely publish ad with cosponsors “Fatal irony, Poet,corn and ethanol organizations' support an EPA ‘regs’ rule change making E15 legal all year and E30 illegal for use in standard autos forever